Trail Rides-

​We offer trail rides for riders of all levels from first time on a horse to the seasoned rider. 

Trails are guided by head trainer Jessie through a private road with minimal vehicles.  Our goal is to pair you with a horse who will give you a memorable experience and keep you safe. 

We take between 1-4 riders at a time in our groups.  Larger groups can be arranged for reoccurring/regular clients.  Each ride is scheduled privately per client so you will not share your appointment with other first time clients. 

Going out of town and need your pony worked?  Horse out to pasture and needs a refresher?

Bought a horse who ended up having a vice that wasnt mentioned....?

Dont be afraid to get help!

English, Western, Jumping, Gaming, beginners through advanced,Trail Rides, refreshers, pony rides, we do it all.  Our trainers are experienced and knowledgeable.  Our prices are based on half hour and hour lessons.
Private, Group and multiple rider lessons available. 
Military Discount Available
Multiple Child Discount
Experienced instruction for disabled and special needs students*
*Please be sure to mention at time of scheduling as we will need to secure having one of our qualified horses to ensure the safest experience for these riders.*

Want a group lesson or trail ride?  Let us know, and well discuss a group rate that everyone can afford!

Please contact us for more details on lessons, rates and scheduling availability! 
Call The Lazy Horse! 

We can offer training packages or pay per ride.   At this time, we would like you to discuss both you and your horses needs to help determine the best approach and choose the extent of your horses training.  Prices may vary with each project.   We offer training packages in a month to month option, we also offer a 60 or 90 day training program.  You will have the option of how many rides you would like a week.  If you do not want to put your horse in a full period of training we also offer pay per ride, which you can pay your trainer to work your horse and pay for each session at that time.  This option is not for horses who need breaking training, as this will take more then just one ride.  This option is towards green horses, horses who need routine riding, needing more miles, or being trained in a new discipline.  Boarders or trailer-ins are welcome.  Very reasonable hourly rates will be offered on a per ride basis.        
Our trainers are highly educated and experienced in breaking, re-breaking and training problem horses.  From ponies to drafts, English or Western, we have experience with all varieties of breeds and sizes. We specialize in working with horses who have been rescued/abused or have had bad training experiences. We reach to work your horse through undesirable behaviors.

Here at The Lazy Horse, we know how to desensitize and bring comfort to horses who are green on the ground and to the saddle. We get to know the horse on the ground and get them comfortable with the new equipment and their environment before backing.  We have a variety of techniques and methods which when applied properly will show results. We dont push the process of breaking to make for a much more effective training and a more promising future in your horses riding ability.

Services We Offer-
We offer many services including boarding, corrective training, breaking/re-breaking, lessons, sales, leasing, group trail rides, petting zoo animals, Birthday parties!